IRC Quotes

<Masahiro> Omg I failed so hard lmao!

<XClaude> --

<XClaude> the whole point of me getting a wallpaper

<XClaude> is so that i can HIDE all my icons

<XClaude> to make it clean

<Masahiro> Sec

<XClaude> that wallpaper… well…

<Masahiro> k get this

<Masahiro> i went in to pee

<Masahiro> listening to music on my phone with my headphones

<Masahiro> start peeing

<Masahiro> no problems, then the cable swings into the way --

<Masahiro> lol

* n00byn4t3r|pc is enjoying his wireless headphones

<n00byn4t3r|pc> :P

<Masahiro> i guess i marked my territory lmao

<Masahiro> i just gave my mom my old wireless headphones