IRC Quotes


<K03L> blackroseblade, cant because its banned in his country

<blackroseblade> I’ve actually played around with a pair of those.

<Chibi-Katanashi> bah, we all know blackroseblade is going to jail if his browser history is ever searched

<K03L> ya

<Chibi-Katanashi> if not killed

<K03L> rip blackroseblade

<blackroseblade> thanks guys

<Chibi-Katanashi> ;)

<XClaude> i’ll say u a prayer

<XClaude> and i almost never say prayers

* blackroseblade discreetly uninstalls Freenet

<K03L> you’ll get to heaven yet you heathen

<blackroseblade> don’t pray for me koel

<K03L> freenet doesnt even work!

<blackroseblade> you’ll only screw it up