IRC Quotes

<Masahiro> i should really post up pics of what my skyrim looks like now lol
<Himmelslicht> got nude mods?
<Masahiro> its really impressive what the modding community has done for the game
<n00byn4t3r|pc> lol
<Masahiro> …no himmel…i don’t
<Masahiro> not quite that depraved :P
<Himmelslicht> not interested, lol
<Masahiro> still looking for more graphcis mods though lol
<Masahiro> with all i’ve put my gpu is still not even blinking at it
<n00byn4t3r|pc> <3
<Masahiro> currently at 45 mods
<Masahiro> well 46 including enb
<atlantiza> if i’m naked and i’m staff here does that mean i’m a nude mod
<n00byn4t3r|pc> Yes
<Masahiro> no, it just means you’re silly
<atlantiza> yes it would be silly because it’s way too cold for that right now… but maybe in 6 months