IRC Quotes

<Himmelslicht> what’s i mircowave to do with cancer?
<Himmelslicht> a*
<snL20> Himmelslicht: oh.. you dont watch south park ?
<Himmelslicht> i haven’t in a while
<snL20> ok
<Himmelslicht> anyway, microwaves are to weak to ionize anything. thus cancer is impossible
<Himmelslicht> also, they can’t get out
<Himmelslicht> i hate adjusting gamma
<Himmelslicht> never works rig:t
<snL20> Himmelslicht: well it was a joke on south park.. stan’s dad stands in front of the microwave with the door open and his pants off to get cancer so he can get medicinal mj
<kotoko> I wonder if the steins gate microwave gives you cancer
<Himmelslicht> ah
<Himmelslicht> if anything, he’d just bake his balls
<snL20> Himmelslicht: yeah but its funny though :D