IRC Quotes

<AHTL> Just flat away

<AHTL> flat flat flat

<AHTL> flat is a really weird word when you think about it

<AHTL> and flat can mean so many things

<AHTL> flat can be a place you live, a flat surface, something bland, something monotonus, a type of car etc

<AHTL> Deep as a flat

<AHTL> And shallow as a flat

<AHTL> The meaning of flat is many and few

<AHTL> Just like a flat

IRC Quotes

<stoicpaste> Shit
<stoicpaste> Christmas
<stoicpaste> Eve
<stoicpaste> Tomorrow
<stoicpaste> I need to buy presents and shit
<stoicpaste> q_____q

IRC Quotes

<Himmelslicht> what’s i mircowave to do with cancer?
<Himmelslicht> a*
<snL20> Himmelslicht: oh.. you dont watch south park ?
<Himmelslicht> i haven’t in a while
<snL20> ok
<Himmelslicht> anyway, microwaves are to weak to ionize anything. thus cancer is impossible
<Himmelslicht> also, they can’t get out
<Himmelslicht> i hate adjusting gamma
<Himmelslicht> never works rig:t
<snL20> Himmelslicht: well it was a joke on south park.. stan’s dad stands in front of the microwave with the door open and his pants off to get cancer so he can get medicinal mj
<kotoko> I wonder if the steins gate microwave gives you cancer
<Himmelslicht> ah
<Himmelslicht> if anything, he’d just bake his balls
<snL20> Himmelslicht: yeah but its funny though :D

IRC Quotes

<Koel> why is card sleeping at 11:45 am
<Koel> Most people are up worldwide around that time!
<Koel> Unless they are in Japan?!
<Menma> she may be at work
<Koel> People who watch anime don’t work!
<Menma> and didn’t chage her nick
<Koel> What is this madness
<Menma> change*
<Menma> she does
<lembas> I sometimes am asleep at 11:45AM.
<Koel> Madness I say

IRC Quotes

<Masahiro> i should really post up pics of what my skyrim looks like now lol
<Himmelslicht> got nude mods?
<Masahiro> its really impressive what the modding community has done for the game
<n00byn4t3r|pc> lol
<Masahiro> …no himmel…i don’t
<Masahiro> not quite that depraved :P
<Himmelslicht> not interested, lol
<Masahiro> still looking for more graphcis mods though lol
<Masahiro> with all i’ve put my gpu is still not even blinking at it
<n00byn4t3r|pc> <3
<Masahiro> currently at 45 mods
<Masahiro> well 46 including enb
<atlantiza> if i’m naked and i’m staff here does that mean i’m a nude mod
<n00byn4t3r|pc> Yes
<Masahiro> no, it just means you’re silly
<atlantiza> yes it would be silly because it’s way too cold for that right now… but maybe in 6 months

IRC Quotes

<crschmidt> Keine Software ist Bugfrei

<FrankW> #/bin/sh

<FrankW> echo “Hello World”

<FrankW> Das ist doch bugfrei.

<crschmidt> FrankW: nein, es fehlt das “!”

IRC Quotes

<ChrizzNL> ähhm, das hier ist doch ein C++ Hilfe-Channel, oder?

<oracel> was?

<ChrizzNL> was für ein channel ist das??

<oracel> Ein Channel für den seltenen Bluttyp C Rhesus plus(plus)

<ChrizzNL> oops, cu

IRC Quotes

&lt;marc&gt; oh mann ... ich wurd heut in der fußgängerzone derbst geownt -.-
&lt;dan&gt; ?
&lt;marc&gt; hab mich mit meiner gitarre wieder mal da hin gesetzt und n bisschen gespielt ...
&lt;marc&gt; und auf einmal kommt da so n typ an und fragt "spielst du auch das, was man sich wünscht?"
&lt;marc&gt; ich "joa ...natürlich"
&lt;marc&gt; der drückt mir nen 5er in die hand und meint "dann geh mal ne runde billiard spielen" -.-
&lt;dan&gt; xD ... wie geil

IRC Quotes

<a> was essen wir eigentlich?

<b> pizza?

<b> ich spendier dir nen bisschen bier und du mir pizza?

<a> selbst gemachte?

<b> wir sind männer

<b> unsere pizzabackkünste beschränken sich aufs plastikentfernen

IRC Quotes

ShuaiTianShi> “Seid doch froh dass wir keine Atomkraftwerke bauen” - BP

<Peach> Hatte eigentlich vor mir mit dem ersparten Geld ein Macbook Pro zu kaufen.

<Peach> Habe mir dann aber stattdessen nen Gaming PC, ein Haus und ein Auto gekauft.

<jeebas> yeah, ich hab bei ebay meinen ersten Gebieter!

<jeebas> *bieter

<X> komm schon erzähl mir was dich bewegt

<Zeri> W,A,S und D

<Adjaro> ich hasse das Internet

<Adjaro> ich hab ne viertelstunde nach Angela Merkel mit nem Lichtschwet gesucht

<Adjaro> und NICHTS gefunden!

<myliw0rk> Es wird mehr geld investiert in Brustimplantate und Viagra als in Alzheimer-forschung

<myliw0rk> Das bedeutet, dass im Jahr 2020 lauter Senioren mit perfekten Brüsten und brettharten Erektionen herumlaufen, die einfach keine Ahnung haben, wozu das gut sein soll

IRC Quotes

[22:36:44] what the hell is shizuku
[22:36:50] suzu you should listen to Immanu El
[22:36:53] whoa
[22:36:59] new bot!
[22:37:04] I’m scared of change
[22:37:06] somebody tell ram!
[22:37:12] oh woah m8
[22:37:17] lembas, i should!
[22:37:24] yes
[22:37:29] get their first EP
[22:38:13] .o lastfm tacticalbread
[22:38:14] Now playing Under Your Wings I’ll Hide by Immanu El from the album They’ll Come, They Come -
[22:38:16] Now playing Under Your Wings I’ll Hide by Immanu El from the album They’ll Come, They Come -
[22:38:22] oooh Momiji is slower
[22:38:26] no
[22:38:29] they’re about the same
[22:38:34] i had momi first on mine
[22:38:53] one more for a tie breaker
[22:39:32] .o lastfm gurosebe
[22:39:33] Now playing Look Into the Air by Explosions in the Sky from the album How Strange, Innocence -
[22:39:33] Now playing Look Into the Air by Explosions in the Sky from the album How Strange, Innocence -
[22:39:52] Momiji wins
[22:40:57] loli_foxgirl,
[22:40:57] Title -> Fight Corruption Rap Song by Candidate DeCarlo of Virginia - 1st edit preview version - YouTube
[23:01:50] anyone know what happened to BTN?
[23:03:02] it brokeded
[23:03:11] Koel did it!
[23:03:35] but why
[23:03:52] Don’t ask me!

  • NeKuu [23:03:55] points at Koel
    [23:04:15] America shut them down
    [23:04:17] god bless
    [23:04:41] I blame politics

IRC Quotes


<K03L> blackroseblade, cant because its banned in his country

<blackroseblade> I’ve actually played around with a pair of those.

<Chibi-Katanashi> bah, we all know blackroseblade is going to jail if his browser history is ever searched

<K03L> ya

<Chibi-Katanashi> if not killed

<K03L> rip blackroseblade

<blackroseblade> thanks guys

<Chibi-Katanashi> ;)

<XClaude> i’ll say u a prayer

<XClaude> and i almost never say prayers

* blackroseblade discreetly uninstalls Freenet

<K03L> you’ll get to heaven yet you heathen

<blackroseblade> don’t pray for me koel

<K03L> freenet doesnt even work!

<blackroseblade> you’ll only screw it up

Female drivers ...

<Ew> female drivers are retarded
<Ew> a firetruck just wanted to pass by on the street below my window
<Ew> a woman driver in her merdeces SUV was turning, and she just stopped in the middle of the road blocking both lanes
<Ew> firetruck turns on all its fucking horns and shit and makes lots of noise
<Ew> female driver gets out of her SUV, leaving it blocking the road.

IRC Quotes

<Masahiro> Omg I failed so hard lmao!

<XClaude> --

<XClaude> the whole point of me getting a wallpaper

<XClaude> is so that i can HIDE all my icons

<XClaude> to make it clean

<Masahiro> Sec

<XClaude> that wallpaper… well…

<Masahiro> k get this

<Masahiro> i went in to pee

<Masahiro> listening to music on my phone with my headphones

<Masahiro> start peeing

<Masahiro> no problems, then the cable swings into the way --

<Masahiro> lol

* n00byn4t3r|pc is enjoying his wireless headphones

<n00byn4t3r|pc> :P

<Masahiro> i guess i marked my territory lmao

<Masahiro> i just gave my mom my old wireless headphones

IRC Quotes

<Domo> dammit, I’m stuck

<Angealy> Stuck eh?

<Angealy> With?

<Tomte> Put the width on the parent not the children

<Angealy> Is it that elf girl?

<Domo> Oh…

<Domo> OH! Thanks Tomte~

<Tomte> You owe me one now ^_~

Domo strips

<Tomte> no

<waybread> I need to pick a new distro for my server :(

<Domo> …

Domo picks up his robe

<Domo> that was disappointing.